Team 4 ELEMENT Photo

In 2006, High Tech Los Angeles joined the FIRST organization to provide an intriguing hands-on experience not only for students with a prime interest in science, technology, engineering, and math, but also for students who want to work in a “business-like” atmosphere. When registering, our school was given the opportunity to choose a retired team number. This is when FIRST Team 4, “Team 4 ELEMENT” was established. “ELEMENT” is an acronym that stands for Engineering, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Mentoring, Education, Networking, and Teamwork. Team 4 ELEMENT is represented by the Phoenix, and our colors are turquoise and black.

On Team 4 ELEMENT, students do not only work in a department and contribute to the final product at the end of Build Season, but also participate in a number of different outreach activities in the community. Read more about this on the outreach page.

A Team 4 ELEMENT robotics team member not only comes out with the skills to build a robot to accomplish a generally difficult task, but with skill sets that are applicable in daily life, including project management, teamwork, time management, and marketing skills.

The team motto is “Igniting the Flames of Passion.”