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Nicolas Gomollon

Hello! My name is Nicolas Gomollon, but you can call me Nico.

I’m an iOS engineer living in Los Angeles, with a B.S. in Software Engineering from UC Irvine. I jumpstarted my career in 2010, after founding Techno-Magic to serve as a storefront for my development adventures. You can learn more about me, and check out my relevant work in more detail below.

If you’re interested, you can view my résumé online or as a PDF.

You can find me on , , , , and .

If you need to get in touch, email nicolaslocal-part@domaingomollon.top-level domainme or tweet @gomollon.


I started learning to develop software on my own in 2010 (at the age of 14) because I was intrigued by the touchscreen on my iPod touch, and curious about how the apps I used were made.

I now have 13 years of expertise in the field, and a…

Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering from University of California, Irvine

I’m particularly interested in human-computer interaction and designing powerful yet intuitive user interfaces. My main focus is in iOS development, but I also have experience in full stack web development.

Since 2010, I’ve made…





I’m a native bilingual in English (Flag of the United States) and Spanish (Flag of Argentina), and learned Italian (Flag of Italy) after studying abroad in Florence, Italy. I love traveling, and make a point of doing so at least a couple of times throughout the year.

I’m also fluent in…

Swift Objective-C C C++ Java Go


Ruby Python

Most programmers run on coffee, but I run on mate(Mate Emoji) instead, and listen to progressive house music while I code.

Some of the tools I’m skilled at using include…

Xcode Instruments Sublime Text

Bash Git Apache Tomcat MySQL

Sketch Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Adobe InDesign

It’s easy to get caught up in the fascinating advances of the tech world, so I like to disconnect by visiting contemporary art museums, learning the principles of good design and typography, and spending time with friends, as well as video chatting with the ones that live abroad.

Public Code Repositories


An app that allows iOS and Mac App Store developers to download and analyze their daily and weekly sales reports from iTunes Connect.
I took over development and maintenance after the original publisher abandoned it.


PHP HTML CSS JavaScript Go
A course prerequisite tracker and scheduling tool for UCI students, aimed at improving the course enrollment experience. The project consists of a series of modules, including a web app, a core script, a downloading script, and a parsing script.
I was the main person building the web app as part of a quarter-long group project course.


A drop-in replacement for UITableView and UITableViewController that supports long-press reordering of cells.
I adapted an existing project into Swift, and ended up continuing its development after the original publisher abandoned theirs.


A convenient UITableViewCell subclass that supports pan gestures to trigger actions.
I adapted an existing project into Swift, and ended up continuing its development after the original publisher abandoned theirs.


A section index bar that only becomes visible when used, and works with UITableView and UICollectionView.
I adapted an existing project into Swift, and incorporated my own changes to my fork.


A minimalistic redesign of team4element.com.
I designed, built, and maintained this website for the Team 4 ELEMENT robotics team, which was their official website from early 2013 until after I graduated later that year.

iOS Apps

Access Club app icon

Access Club

X-Empire Inc.

A private members-only social club for private investing and deals. Access Club gives members exclusive access to some of the best startups and companies looking to connect with people of influence.

Convoz app icon

Convoz - Video Discussions

X-Empire Inc.

A social media app that prides itself on being the best place to have face-to-face and collaborative conversations about current events and things you’re passionate about.

WALT app icon

WALT - Wise Analytic Learning Tool

Jeff Kleid Consulting

An iOS app with a chat-style interface that asks job interview questions for users to practice their soft skills. WALT is trained to know which answers are right, and which can use improvement, thanks to a machine learning model generated from hundreds of collected responses.

MusiQ app icon

MusiQ Player - Queue Music


A gesture-based music player that lets you queue up songs from your music library and reorder them however you like, on-the-fly. It’s focused around the management of the now playing queue, and allows exporting saved queues directly to the native Music app.

PowerGrades app icon

PowerGrades - Track Grade Changes in PowerSchool


Stay connected with your school performance by checking grades, assignments, and scores from PowerSchool at a glance. Automatically track and be notified of changes to class grades, assignment scores, and GPA, so that you never miss an important update.

Inform8 app icon

Inform8 - Device Information


Designed to provide accessible device information for everyone, the app offers comprehensive system info, real-time monitoring of memory usage with the ability to free it up when it runs low, and clear insights into the enigmatic background processes that run on your device.


Techno-Magic, My Company Website


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