About Nico.

Nicolas Gomollon
Nicolas Gomollon

Hello! My name is Nicolas Gomollon, but you can call me Nico.

I’m studying Software Engineering and Digital Arts at UC Irvine. I’ve been crafting digital things since 2010. You can check out my relevant work in more detail below, and visit my company, Techno-Magic, which I founded to serve as a storefront for my development adventures. I’m fluent in English, Spanish, Italian, Objective-C, Swift, C, C++, Go, PHP, HTML, CSS, and SQL. I also know some Ruby, Java, JavaScript, and Python.

If you’re interested, you can view my resume online or as a PDF.

You can find me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, GitHub, and LinkedIn.

If you need to get in touch, email nicolaslocal-part@domaingomollon.top-level domainme or tweet @gomollon.

Public Code Repositories

An app that allows iOS and Mac App Store developers to download and analyze their daily and weekly sales reports from iTunes Connect.
I took over development and maintenance after the original publisher abandoned it.
PHP HTML CSS JavaScript Go
A course prerequisite tracker and scheduling tool for UCI students, aimed at improving the course enrollment experience. The project consists of a series of modules, including a web app, a core script, a downloading script, and a parsing script.
I was the main person building the web app as part of a quarter-long group project course.
A drop-in replacement for UITableView and UITableViewController that supports long-press reordering of cells.
I adapted an existing project into Swift, and ended up continuing its development after the original publisher abandoned theirs.
A convenient UITableViewCell subclass that supports pan gestures to trigger actions.
I adapted an existing project into Swift, and ended up continuing its development after the original publisher abandoned theirs.
A section index bar that only becomes visible when used, and works with UITableView and UICollectionView.
I adapted an existing project into Swift, and incorporated my own changes to my fork.
A minimalistic redesign of team4element.com.
I designed, built, and maintained this website for the Team 4 ELEMENT robotics team, which was their official website from early 2013 until after I graduated later that year.



Jan 2017 – PresentPeterPlanner


Jul 2012 – Dec 2012Team 4 ELEMENT

iOS Apps

MusiQ app MusiQ Player - Queue & Control Your Music

A gesture-based music player that lets you queue up songs from your music library and reorder them however you like, on-the-fly. It’s focused around the management of the now playing queue, and allows exporting saved queues directly to the native Music app.

PowerGrades app PowerGrades - Track Grade Changes in PowerSchool

See grades, assignments, and scores from PowerSchool at a glance with this convenient app. Automatically keep track of changes to class grades, assignment scores, and GPA; and receive push notifications when there are any changes.